May The Lord Give You Peace;

This unofficial blog is a collection of one member's personal reflections on spiritual life which has been guided and shaped by profession in the Secular Franciscan Order. [An Order which is made up of Catholic laity primarily, though some secular clergy and deacons are also included.] Soon after I began this blog, I discovered that this would not be a 'daily diary' about my personal activities, but rather an opportunity to ask and discern what God's grace is doing in me and asking of me.

But...'it is in giving that we receive'...and so after some months, and with some trepidation, I began to let others know that reflections are here to view. Hopefully, they will cause some stirring of the spirit. Please feel free to comment if so inclined. I pray that I won't say anything too foolish or cause anyone scandal. If you find offense...I beg your pardon in advance.

When I inquired into the SFO, some twenty years ago, my knowledge of Francis and his spirituality was actually less than zero. I was simply drawn to a new life and the existing members accommodated my spiritual needs in their fellowship. I am forever grateful to them.

My journey in the Franciscan way of life has never stopped, even though I had questioned at times my own judgement in beginning this pilgrimage. In some moments when it seemed hard to follow, I shook my head saying, 'Francis is too radical...he expects too much...he asks more of me than Jesus himself.'

This has passed. I love the Seraphic Father, and his path...is my way...and will be my way.

If anyone is interested about a vocation in the SFO or its role in the Church and in the world; you can start by clicking the link on the sidebar. Or just 'run a search' on the 'Secular Franciscan Order'...there's plenty of info available.

Peace and all good.

[Revised 09/25/2007]

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Marzio A. said...

Good to find another one of 'us'!

Marzio Apolloni