God’s Economy is Bizarre

We instinctively suppose we should work from strength, handing on to others the riches that are ours. Instead, we often do our best work when we operate from weakness and totally empty hands, passing on something we do not possess, producing effects we can in no way explain out of who we are. God's economy is bizarre; there is no employment quite as baffling as his. (Thomas N. Hart, The Art of Christian Listening, pgs: 12-13)
Humility is so often misrepresented and poorly understood, but the excerpt above points towards its true purpose and expresses its rightful benefit. Holy humility has less to do with the expression of our personality and more to do with finding our strength in God. This simple understanding is a key to opening ourselves to God's grace; to operating beneficially in God's economy.

We're speaking of the way in which God applies the divine will in our everyday affairs. Our 'Sister', Holy Humility, is not so concerned with annihilating our faults (God can work through them) as she is in releasing the real source of strength, the Holy Spirit, into the lives of those we encounter. Most believers acknowledge the power of God in an overarching way throughout history, yet many discount the unknown spiritual movement that happens daily through our powerlessness.

This is joyful to contemplate. Rather than complaining about the spiritual or material gifts we seemingly lack, we do better in sharing what little we do have. In fact, we can rejoice in our poverty because it allows God to provide his richness in the most wholesome and unexpected manner. It's not nearly as paradoxical as it seems; it's true faith in action.

In the last post I spoke of 'getting out of the way'. Overall, I was referring to impediments of 'self-centeredness' that distort and short circuit the message of the gospel. Even so, it's a wonder to behold how God's will is accomplished more readily, and seen more easily, in our own limitations. We need this awareness (humility) to counter our sense of helplessness, especially when circumstances are beyond our control.


KAM said...

Thanks for that observation. It's something I lose track of at times. The key is just forgetting about the material world around us and keep in mind Gods' world thats around us.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I just found your blog through your response on Kam's. Please keep writing. You have gathered a great deal of wisdom that can help us folks who are new to the Franciscan path. I will come back.