Trusting God in Turmoil

This past year has been turbulent; one of fear and anxiety. Financial panic has gripped the world and only recently subsided. Our confidence in the future has been shaken and our dreams have given way to harsh realities. So this may be an opportune time to step back and see what role our faith can play in overcoming the turmoil.

Renew our trust in God. Stress almost always boils down to a lack of control and many of our spiritual battles are about 'who's in control'. Don't give in to anxiety. The first thing is to gather ourselves spiritually and to make an 'act of trust' in God. Doing so is a concrete form of humility. If we, as creatures, have any control over the circumstances, it's in placing our highest confidence in our Creator as a loving Father (or loving Mother). The point is that we are the object of God's love; a love which never changes, and we must keep faith, even in difficult circumstances.

Realign our values and make change. (The old fashioned term would be repentance) This is an opportunity to see how our own financial behavior reflects our commitment to gospel living. Are we so fearful of tomorrow that we neglect today? Sometimes the uncertainties of the future can crowd out the love and joy available in this very moment. Are we open to the needs of others, or do we see them as burdens? Our fallen human nature tells us that our neighbor is our competitor; one who drains us: but the gospel proclaims our solidarity and asks for self-sacrifice.

Realize that faith transforms us and the world. A crisis always contains the seeds of new growth. Times like these not only test our faith, but also fortify it, especially as we practice it. Witnessing Christ to others brings about God's Kingdom here on Earth. Even if the world should fall into catastrophe we do little to help by falling into despair. Times such as these, with the world in disarray, are also the times when the world becomes open to a new message.

Work for justice. The world is constantly yearning for better economic outcomes and the Church joins in this quest while insisting on the dignity of each person. In a very real sense work is a gift from God and part of our human development. In working we share in creation and redemption and serve our community. Therefore we need to promote human work (labor) as both a gift and a responsibility (see Article XVI, SFO Rule). We do so in a twofold manner: primarily by the testimony of our own lives and beyond that in taking courageous initiatives in public life (see Article XV).

Decide to take action now. The more we give as Christ gives, the more we receive Christ in return. As St. Francis would say…'it is in giving that we receive'. Ask God who you can help. Look for Christ among us especially in those in need. Let others see Christ in you through your compassion.

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Grandma Ro said...

Thank you for this reminder. I come back to these ponderances and am reawakened to where I know I have to place more emphasis in my day. I thank God for talking and teaching thru your words. Keep sharing. Grandma Ro