Picture a Spiritual Journey

Recently I came across a website that touted the effect of web graphics and design. It's called CSS Zen Garden. I highly recommend it if you have a hi-speed connection. If so, you get to alter the look of 'static content' and gauge your reaction to very fast changes in presentation. [ I have no idea of the science or technology involved.]

Right on the spot I decided to insert a picture in my title bar. This is a key to understanding how I behave. I'm given to impulsiveness; but at the same time, what I 'allow' myself to do 'impulsively', actually has some 'consideration' behind it. For instance, the image chosen has been on my hard drive for a couple of years. I have studied and viewed it on occasion and simply enjoyed it as a saved image. Now as I have uploaded it I ponder it even more carefully and see nuanced aspects to what I had previously glossed over.

This is a spiritual journey - is it not? I love the vegetation shown above. It's more than barely alive and yet it has an impoverished look somehow. It's not quite a barren scene, but it implies a struggle to stay alive.

The mountains on the horizon beckon me with a feeling of purpose and destination: a journey of ascent in due time. The sky is expansive: it feels thick and clear with a little touch of foreboding. Here's something very new that I've just discovered: a sparse and slightly worn path that transects laterally in between the two stands of trees. Yes, I'm quite sure it's a path.

Do you have any images of your spiritual journey?


Cow Bike Rider (alias, Chris Sagsveen) said...

One image I'm always had is of a paved trail, weaving and winding through the trees of the forest.

I always have pictured myself wanting that straight line to God. But I also know that in reality (in my humanness), my path will always be turning and bending. I just hope the Holy Spirit will always keep my on that path and make it straight (Prov. 3:5-6).

I love your description and picture by the way!

allyouwhohope said...

Thanks for your comment! Your prayers mean so much to me and just reading that you prayed lifted my spirits tremendously.

The image of The Virgin of the Sign is beautiful. It immediately brought to mind something that I talked about in one of my posts (http://allyouwhohope.blogspot.com/2008/01/more-on-hope-post-surgery.html), where the Intercessors of the Lamb told me that while in prayer they envisioned Mary handing me the baby Jesus. This image felt to me like she was offering Jesus to me to, as your put it in your post, "bring him forth into the world."

A dear friend of mine is a Secular Franciscan and she is one of the most saintly people I know. Thanks again for your prayers and I'll be checking out your blog from now on too!